How to Clean Your PlayStation 5(2022 Tips and Tricks)

To clean your PlayStation 5, you’ll first want to remove any dust. The best way to do this is with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth because a regular one will leave streaks. You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean any sticky gunk that may have collected on the device. It is also a good idea to wipe the screen occasionally, and you can even clean the buttons with this.

Step 1

Using isopropyl alcohol, remove any stubborn dirt that is sticking to the PS5’s surface. To remove this type of dust, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to blow away the dust. Keeping the PS5 as dust-free as possible will keep it in great condition. And since the PlayStation 5 is prone to attracting dirt and dust, you should clean it regularly, preferably once or twice a month.

Step 2

You can also use a compressed air spray to remove dust from the PS5 console’s exterior. This is the most convenient way to clean the system without removing the case. Simply saturate a cotton ball or cloth with isopropyl alcohol and spray it on the area where dust accumulated. If you’re unable to get rid of all the dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to blow it away. While this method may sound excessive, it works wonders for keeping the PlayStation in great condition.

Last Step

Next, you’ll want to take off the top cover of the PS5. The PlayStation Logo is located on the top of the PlayStation. Slide your fingers around the edge of the cover and lift it upward. To slide the other side, slide your fingers across the other side of the PlayStation to reach it. Then you’ll need to wipe off any excess dust. Now that your PS5 looks nice and shiny, you can turn on the PS5 and play some games!

To clean your PS5, you can either use soft cloths or canned air. You can also try using isopropyl alcohol to clean the ports. Ensure that you use a soft towel to remove the faceplate. After you’ve cleaned the PS5’s interior, you can then apply the liquid to the faceplate. Make sure that the faceplates are not too hard to take off.

To clean the PlayStation 5, you should start by unplugging it. This will allow you to clean the internal components and avoid overheating. If you’re using canned air, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Alternatively, you can use canned air to clean the exterior of the PS5. After cleaning the exterior, you should wipe the internal parts. Once you’ve removed the covers, wipe them down thoroughly.

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