How to Cut a Chicken Breast – 2022

Cutting a chicken breast is not an easy task, and it will take some practice. Beginners often make mistakes and end up with a less-than-stellar meal. This article will teach you how to properly cut a chicken breast. Read on for more details. Hopefully, this article will help you become a better cook. You may also find this article helpful. Just make sure that you read the instructions carefully.


To start, lay the chicken breast lengthways on a cutting board. Use your non-dominant hand to hold it firmly and then begin cutting the chicken breast. Make sure to follow the grain of the chicken breast – the white muscle fibers – when cutting. You should make five to seven strips per large breast. For a larger portion of chicken, you can leave the breast attached. If you prefer a more compact piece of meat, you can slice the chicken breast into cubes.

Step 2

Place the chicken breast on a cutting board and hold it flat with your non-dominant hand. Graze the cutting board with the shears so that the cuts go straight across the meat. To get a uniform thickness, cut each breast in five or seven strips. If the breasts are thick or large, you might need to make several cuts per strip. But be sure to do this gently so you don’t tear the meat.

Once you’ve found the best way to cut the chicken breast, you can start cooking. To get the most delicious results, roast the chicken breast in the oven. Then, simply slice the breasts in strips. Remember that the thinner side will finish cooking faster than the thick one, so always keep this in mind when preparing the chicken. You can either bake it or fry it. Just be sure to cook it at room temperature.

Step 3

You need to cut the chicken breasts into two. You can use a knife that is 8-10 inches long. It’s important to use a sharp knife because it will prevent tears and ensure that your chicken breast will be tender. After all, it’s not just for the aesthetics. For a perfect meal, you need to use a sharp knife and a good cutting board. You can also freeze the chicken breasts for a few hours before cooking them.

Once you’ve prepared your chicken, you need to clean it first. Clean the breasts with cold water. Then, pat them dry with paper towels. Now, you can season them and cook them. Using a plastic cutting board will make the process of cutting chicken much easier. You can even use a metal or ceramic plate instead of the wood-burning pan. You can use a cutting board that is made specifically for this purpose.

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