How to Cut Sleeves Off a Shirt – 2022

There are many ways to cut off the sleeves of a shirt. Some styles are better suited for guys while others are better suited for girls. Regardless of the style you choose, you will have fun refashioning your old t-shirt. In this article, we’ll cover several tips and tricks for removing the sleeves. Read on to learn how to cut the sleeves of a shirt. Also, don’t forget to use a sharp pair of scissors.


To cut the sleeve of a shirt, first measure the width of the sleeve. Then, mark the distance from the center of the back to the shoulder blade. You can use a racer-back top as a reference. You should also mark the depth of the cut lines in the front and back of the shirt. Once you have marked the depth, draw a shallow or deep scoop from the shoulder seam to the armhole.

Before you cut the sleeve, make sure that you fold the sleeve 1.25 inches up. Remember, the more material you cut out of the back of the sleeve, the more the sleeve will hang down in the armhole. Using a creased surface and a sharp knife, you can cut out the sleeve without much difficulty.


The second step in cutting the sleeves off a shirt is to measure the length from the shoulder seam. Then, measure two inches below the bottom seam of the t-shirt. Once you’ve determined how long you want the sleeve slit to be, cut the sleeve along the seam. As far as hems go, there’s no need to take any special care.

If you want to cut the sleeves off a shirt, you can use a seam ripper. When the sleeve is attached to the rest of the garment by a thread, you can cut it with a seam ripper. Then, make sure you get the right measurements. Then, you can take the left hem off. This method will help you to avoid tearing the shirt‘s seam, making it more durable.

Once you’ve determined how long you want the sleeve to be, you can cut it off as neatly as you would a shirt. Lay the shirt flat and use a pencil or chalk to draw the lines. Then, cut the sleeve along the seam, keeping the cut close to the seams. Repeat this process on the other side of the shirt until the sleeve is perfectly cut off.


You can cut the sleeves of a shirt by simply snipping off the bottom half of the sleeve. It should be at least two inches tall, with the right side facing out. You can fold it in half and attach it to the sleeve with sewing pins. Then, sew the sleeve to create a sleeveless shirt.

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