How to Draw a Chicken – Step by Step 2022

How to draw a chicken is to determine the shape and size of the chicken. This will help you decide how large the chicken should be. Next, decide whether to draw a face or body, and if you want to draw both. Once you know the size of your chicken, you can start coloring it in. Start with a light red color, as this will help you create the appearance of its face. For the eye, draw a dark red. To give it more body, use a darker shade. Then, for the wings, you can add a white color to them.

Step 1

First step is to sketch in the details. The head of a chicken is an oval shape, like the body of a shark. The wattle is the neck, and the head begins below the neckline. The tail should curve outward and meet the oval at the top of the main body. Continue tracing the shape of the chicken’s head, and the outline of its neck.

Step 2

The second step is to draw the chicken‘s head. Begin by drawing a thin oval on the back of the canvas. Then, add three triangles to it. The two biggest are located at the top and middle of the oval. The third one is the smallest and extends down below the oval. Once you’ve done that, you can add a nostril and an eye to the head. You can also draw a half egg shape on the back of the head to form the wing. And don’t forget the feet, which should be rounded and long.

A chicken’s head and body are the same shapes as a human’s. The hen’s leg should have three toes pointing left, one pointing right, and a dark colored leg. If the chicken‘s torso is round, the legs should be square or oval. The tail should be a simple triangle, but it should be pointed. Then add the legs and head details.


The Last step in drawing a chicken is to determine the type of chicken. Choose a color for the chicken. You can also use the colors and shapes of a hen’s body and egg to create a unique drawing. It is important to remember that the different species of chickens have different colorings and styles. You can make a chicken look very realistic and beautiful by using a variety of color and style palettes.

Once you have a basic idea of the chicken’s shape, you can begin the actual drawing process. You can also follow the wireframe to create a realistic looking chicken. Once you have an idea of where to draw a chicken’s body, you can go ahead to add the details and make it look beautiful. After all, it’s the perfect time for a child to practice their art.

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