How to Fix Dry Mascara – 2022 Tricks

If your mascara is getting too dry, you can easily fix it by adding liquid. This works by swirling the wand around inside the mascara tube. Avoid pumping the wand into the tube because this will add air to the formula, causing it to clump. Alternatively, you can add liquid directly to the wand, but this may not be as effective as coconut oil. Instead, use a cotton swab and dab it onto the affected areas.

First Step

The first step in fixing dry mascara is to add hot water. A few drops of hot water will help revive it and soften the remaining solution. You can also warm the wand with hot water. This method will restore the dried formula to its original shape. Be sure to do this with sterile solutions, since tap water is not suitable for waterproof cosmetics. In this way, you can quickly and effectively fix dry makeup and keep your eyelashes looking gorgeous.

Second Step

The second step is to add sterile water to the dry mascara. This will bring it back to life temporarily, but it will result in the mascara draining out. Furthermore, water is not sterile. It can be dangerous to the makeup, so you should use purified water. Using sterile injection water from a pharmacy is the best option. Be sure to rinse the mascara thoroughly afterwards. If this doesn’t work, try adding a little bit of baby oil to the tube before using it on your face.

Aside from regular water, you can also use a few drops of coconut oil to fix dry mascara. Take a small spoon and place a few drops of coconut oil in the empty tube of your mascara. Apply the oil to your lashes, and then wand the mascara to make it look longer. Remember to close the tube tightly after you’re done using it. Then, follow the same steps as you would for normal mascara.

If the problem persists, another option is to soak the dry mascara in contact lens solution. This solution is available in most drugstores. It can soften dry mascara. It can be added to the mascara tube and is a simple way to fix dry-looking lashes. You can also try to add contact lens solution to your mascara to make it more waterproof. Once this is done, you can apply your mascara as usual.


You can also use tonics to revive your cosmetics. This tonic should contain no alcohol, and should not be used to remove makeup. However, you should be aware that toner is not an appropriate substitute for the tonic. This liquid will not work for your mascara. It will only irritate your eyelashes and spread an infection to your eyeballs. When removing the makeup, you should remove it with a make-up remover.

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