How to Get Rid of Flying Termites – 2022

Knowing how to get rid of flying termites is the first step in preventing your home from becoming infested with them. While these insects are harmless, they can hurt your wallet if you have a large infestation. The king and queen termites are responsible for flying off to establish a new colony underground and reproduce, which is why you need to prevent them from getting into your home. You can take a few measures to prevent them. For example, you should remove any mulch on your property, as it is a great attractant for these bugs.

First Step

The first step in getting rid of flying termites is to control their population. Keeping your home free from their food supply is a great first step. Keep lumber and firewood away from your crawlspace. Additionally, remove dead plants and debris from your home. If you have a wooden deck, make sure to fix it if it is damaged, since flying termites like to live in these areas. Lastly, check for any signs of damage on it.

Second Step

The second step is to kill the swarmers. Termite swarms are a sign of an infestation. If you notice a termite swarm, you need to act quickly to prevent the spread of the swarm. The swarmers can cause extensive damage to your home. Once they start to breed, you should contact a professional pest control company. The only way to be 100% sure that you have eradicated the termites is to call a professional.

Using a swarm spray can kill the swarmers, but you need to ensure you shut off the lights in the area so they can’t see you. Another great option is to get bug zappers and sprays. These insecticides are inexpensive, and you can find them at hardware stores and Home Depot. Orange oil is another highly recommended termite killer. It contains a compound that is responsible for the vibrant smell that many people associate with it.


You can also use DIY traps to kill flying termites. A cardboard box filled with water can be placed outside a home, where the termites will be attracted to it. To attract a termite, you should use a fly swatter to sweep over the affected area. To prevent the termites from building a colony in your home, you can shut off light sources to reduce the risk of being zapped.

Fortunately, there are several do-it-yourself methods to get rid of flying termites. The easiest way to do it yourself is to spray the area with an insecticide that kills both the workers and the colony. This will prevent the termites from escaping from their nests, and help you avoid the damage that they can cause. You can then apply these pesticides to the affected area in the home, where they will remain until the termites have destroyed the whole colony.

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